How the right white paper can boost your ICO

By Stella Livaniou
Founder of

Congratulations! You decided to launch your very promising Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign and you have everything in order.

But do you have a whitepaper? The white paper is a document determining the technology of a blockchain project.* Most importantly, do you have the right white paper?

Allow me to explain: there is no universal solution when it comes to white papers. There is not a template that covers all the needs.

Each project is unique and so is its white paper.
Of course, there are certain parts that must be present in every white paper. For example, the chapter on the team, its members, and advisors. Their expertise and specialization enhance the credibility of the project.
Every angel investor has a story about investing in a brilliant team with a horrible idea, knowing that they would find pay-dirt after they pivoted out of the original idea. Android was an operating system for cameras before their pivot, Nokia was a wood pulp mill, and Pinterest was a shopping app before it was a social network before it started turning back into a shopping app again.*
Nevertheless, without a proper modeling of a white paper, it would be difficult for a project team to launch a successful ICO: few people would be willing to invest in a project lacking proper information.
The product description, for example. An ultra-successful case of a whitepaper that boosted the ICO is that of Monetha. Monetha is a project of a payment system for the blockchain. It collected $37 million (95 000 ETH) in just 18 minutes. Its white paper matched perfectly with its system.
Once again, the right white paper is key to ICO success. After all, what would a great technical part accomplish without the proper presentation?
Stella Livaniou, founder of StelNet, is an ICO whitepaper and promotion expert with a track record of more than 40 ICO campaigns, so far.  
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